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Lyra Online

Web Sitesi: https://play-lyra.com/

Server Client Linki: https://mega.nz/file/vdZkBZxD#6cjx3JuXF_RW6LLwZG-zAlJ3uTYxyoV9Sv3ySy65nd8

Facebook Sayfası: https://www.facebook.com/Play.Lyra

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Server Özellikleri

  • Max Cap / Level Sınırı 110
  • Başlangıç Leveli 1
  • Race / Irk Europe & Chinese
  • Exp & SP Rate 120 & 180
  • Item Satışı Yok
  • Bedava Silk Var
  • Coin Sistemi Yok
  • IP Limit 8
  • Server Açılış Tarihi 27-03-2021
  • Exploit & DDos Koruması Maxiguard

Server İstatistikleri

  • Bugün1
  • Bu Hafta5
  • Bu Ay31
  • Toplam220

Server Açıklaması

Welcome to Lyra Online, We are proud to present you our 110 Cap Server. After months of developing and researching we are happy to introduce you our Server, are known for their stability, its team and a lot of fun

Do you remember the old times on the Official Servers? Every day Jobbing, PvP, the massive Guild Fights, the awesome Fortress War and so on. If you want to get these memories back, join our Server. What are you waiting for? At least give it a try. If you want more information, please have a look at our Thread below or ask us for more Informations. We hope we'll see you in game and have a great time together.

  • Closed Beta Phase
  • This phase is one of the most important things in servers creation, we cannot just release an opening date without making sure that everything running smoothly, so with your help ofcourse we will test everything and make sure the server runs perfectly, so you can play without fear of losing your time of even money on a failure opening.This beta won't be available to everyone , You can request beta access thorugh our discord
  • Grand Opening: 27-03-2021 Time --> 19:00GMT+2

  • Server CAP : 110
  • Degree : 11
  • Races : Chinese European
  • Mastery : 440 & 220
  • Job Based & Job Uniques & Arabia Uniques & Drop Silk & Free 2 Play